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Editor's Choice: Suicide among immigrants in Europe—a systematic literature review
Do migrant groups have suicide rates close to those of the new country, or do they ”bring along” the suicide rates from the country of origin? This is an intricate question that many scientistis have tried to address over the years. Suicidal behaviour is not like food habits or other types of behaviour that are natural to modify when entering a new culture. Suicidal behaviour is determined by a number of personal and cultural factors related to the country of origin, and in migrants also by factors related to the reason why people have emigrated and traumatic experiences in the migration process. While several of these factors may increase suicide risk, there is also the ”health migrant effect” that may be reflected in lower suicide risk in migrants. Spallek and collaborators conclude from the systematic review of 24 studies, that most immigrant groups in Europe do not have an increased suicide risk, which seems comforting. On the other hand, some groups originating from countries with a high suicide rate, seem to retain this high rate, which poses a challenge for suicide prevention.

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