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EUPHA Abstract Supplement

In support of the European Public Health Conference happening from the 14th to the 17th of October, The European Journal of Public Health has published the abstracts from this meeting. 

The supplement includes session PDFs, plenary sessions, parallel sessions, poster walks and posters displays. You can read the full supplement here


Guest editors: Walter Ricciardi, Carlo Signorelli, Dineke Zeegers Paget
Guest Editors: Salvador Peiró and Alan Maynard
Guest editors: Martin McKee, Alastair Leyland, Dineke Zeegers Paget

Editor's Choice

Editor's Choice: Does living longer in good health facilitate longer working lives? The relationship between disability and working lives

“We need to work longer” is a mantra often repeated in debates on the changing demography, with longer life expectancy and increasing number of elderly. Assuming that the increased life expectancy at least partly is an increase in healthy life expectancy, a number of persons would indeed be able to work longer. In this issue, Wubulihasimu and collaborators set out to investigate to what extent reduced level of disability actually does translate into into an increase in what the define as working life expectancy. The issue if of importance not only for public health, but to address a major societal challenge of changing demography in combination with repeated economic crises.

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Trends in young people's health and social determinants

View the latest European Journal of Public Health supplement on 'Trends in young people's health and social determinants', guest edited by Emmanuel Kuntsche, Bjørn E. Holstein and Ulrike Ravens-Sieberer.

This supplement aims to provide evidence on various aspects of young people's health, wellbeing and related factors, allowing the reader to get an overview of prevalence changes across countries for selected outcomes, e.g. fruit and vegetable consumption, overweight, injury-related mortality and morbidity, physical activity, parental communication, bullying, early sexual intercourse and condom use, weekly alcohol consumption and the co-occurrence of tobacco and cannabis use, and life satisfaction, just to name a few of the outcomes included. The supplement also offers examples of how time trends can be interpreted and explained when dealing with perceived school pressure and health complaints.

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