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The Comprehensive Cancer Monitoring Programme in Europe

F. Bray, M. Guerra Yi, D.M. Parkin
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/eurpub/13.suppl_1.61 61-66 First published online: 1 September 2003


Background: There continue to be major public health challenges arising from the increasing cancer burden in Europe. Drawing upon expertise from other European centres and networks, the Comprehensive Cancer Monitoring Programme in Europe project (CaMon) provides a central information resource of the cancer profile in European populations. Methods: The cancer indicators fundamental to disease monitoring in Europe are illustrated in terms of definitions and availability. Where necessary data are supplemented by estimates, in order to make available cancer data to individuals and institutions in all Member and Applicant countries of the European Union (EU). The relevant methodologies are discussed. Finally, a major ongoing project examining time trends of cancer incidence and mortality in 38 European countries is described. Results: In the European Union, there were approximately 1.6 million new cases of cancer according to the latest year available, and approximately, one million cancer deaths. About 2.6 million new cases of cancer, and 1.6 million deaths were estimated in Europe. Lung cancer is the most common cancer in Europe and together with cancers of the colon and rectum and female breast represent approximately 40% of new cases in Europe. Conclusion: The statistics generated by the project on cancer incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence, together with time trends and projections will be regularly updated and made available to a European Commission, and to a Community-wide audience via the CaMon website and via other means of dissemination, such as peer-reviewed journals.

  • epidemiology, incidence, mortality, neoplasms, public health